For The Past 7 Years, Deliveryman Takes 92-yo Mother With Alzheimer’s On Rounds With Him Everyday

As children, we have a natural responsibility to care for our parents as they age. The man is balancing a demanding work schedule while doing his job.

Cai Yujun, 52, from Sichuan, cares for his 92-year-old mother who suffers from dement!a. The situation has deteriorated to the point where leaving her alone is no longer safe. The disease requires constant monitoring, which is difficult given Yujun and his wife’s busy work schedules.

Yujun and his wife work long hours to provide for their family and home.

According to him, bringing his mother to work would be the best course of action. Yujun works as a transporter, which requires him to move constantly. To accommodate his mother, he widened the back seat of his motorcycle using wooden planks. He also installed wooden pedals to allow his mother to rest her feet. He even made hemp seat belts for his mom, securing her to himself so she wouldn’t fall off.

His mum always accompanies him wherever he goes. Yujun claims that he does not deliver items all day, and on days when business is slow, he will entertain his mother by the side of the road. Yujun thinks it’s good that she’s getting some fresh air instead of being caged up at home because she’s made friends along the way.

Yujun has been caring for his mother for many years and has never felt overwhelmed.

“Mom dedicated her life to the family,” he said with emotion, “so it’s only natural to take care of her for as long as possible, regardless of the challenges.”

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