A Married Couple Discovers They Were In The Same Picture 18 Years Ago, Their Love Was Destiny

The two took selfies at exactly the same time, but they didn’t meet until 11 years later.

Is true love a matter of chance or fate? Upon discovering they had both visited the same place, at the same time, 18 years ago, a couple from Chengdu, Sichuan province, China might argue the latter.

Their story sounds like something out of a Korean drama. Upon looking at old photos, Ye and Xue (identified as Ye and Xue) realized they had visited May Fourth Square in Qingdao on the same day.

As teenagers, Ye and Xue crossed paths in July of 2000. Ye visited the square with a tour group, while Xue was with her mother. Years later, the two teens would meet for the first time.

In Xue’s picture, Ye appears in the background!

Ye and Xue posed for this souvenir photo at precisely the same time.

Ye explained, “I was looking at the picture of my wife in front of the May Four Square, and there’s a man standing far back.”. At first, I thought, ‘Oh wait, that was me!

Ye and Xue could have never seen each other again after that day, but fate had other ideas.

Ye and Xue met again in 2011, eleven years after their chance encounter. After Ye graduated from university in Suzhou and returned to Chengdu, his hometown, a friend introduced the pair.

Soon after, the couple got married. Even their wedding photo was taken in Qingdao, not knowing how it would tie their fates together.

Friends say Ye and Xue were destined to be together after hearing their story.

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