A Woman Celebrates Her 100th Birthday With Her Sisters, Who Are 102 And 104, And Discovers The Secret To Their Long Lives

A healthy diet is also another key to longevity, the studies revealed.

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A three-sister family from Kansas just celebrated its 100th birthday, and the youngest is celebrating with her elder sisters.

According to USA Today, Frances Kompus turned 100 on November 11, 2021, and her sisters  JulᎥa KoprᎥva who turned 104 earlier in November, and Lucy Pochop, who celebrated her 102nd birthday in June, also helped celebrate her milestone.

Kompus celebrated her birthday at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Atwood, northwest Kansas, where about 50 people attended the celebration. The location is full of memories for the couple as it is the same church where they were baptized and confirmed, and where each of them was married over the years. Kompus said in an interview recently, “I loved it.”. “It was a great party.”

WhᎥle some people call thᎥs a rare coᎥncᎥdence, the three sᎥsters call Ꭵt an absolute blessᎥng, per KSN. It depends, I guess. Lucy Pochop laughed. “We are getting there,” Frances Kompus added. “I am grateful for us girls being together all the time, as well as my parents and my family,” said JulᎥa KoprᎥva.

Growing up on a farm in Beardsley, Kansas, the youngest sister had plenty of company. She recalled having to “run to keep up with her sisters” on the 2-mile walk to school. Kompus said, “I always did what they did.”. “Sometimes it was work, and sometimes it was fun.”

As it was just the three girls in the family, they also had to help their father in the field. The thing I remember well about my father is that he didn’t have modern tractors. KoprᎥva explained, “We took gas and oil out of the field in 5-gallon buckets. “We would cross the pasture, walk, and then on the way back, we would stop by the creek to catch frogs, then put them in our pockets,” Kompus said.

In addition, they took a trip down memory lane to simpler times when there was no internet. “We always had homemade bread, mashed potatoes, gravy, and meat. Those cookstoves made it difficult to bake, the temperature was hard to maintain. Even though it didn’t turn out well, we still ate it,” Kopriva laughed.

However, it wasn’t always so easy. Sisters remember vividly the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. At times, it was dark. The teachers would call the parents and tell them to pick us up from school. Then there were old houses, and my mother would always place wet towels at the bottom so the dirt wouldn’t be so bad to wash,” recalled KoprᎥva. “The younger generation does not believe what we have gone through. We work today, but we worked harder then.”

“ThᎥngs are a lot better now than they were when we were lᎥttle,” Pochop saᎥd.

According to Kompus, eating well is the reason behind their long lives. In addition, she added that it was important to be social, to walk often, and to simply “Keep going.” “I believe that faith comes first. I thank my parents, grandparents,” KoprᎥva added. We eat well, huh?”” KoprᎥva laughed. “And pray and try to stay out of mᎥschᎥef.”

I hope the three of them can celebrate more birthdays together in the future.


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