Mom from Argentina gives birth to rare albino twins with snow-white hair

Some babies are so special that they attract the attention of many and even make headlines. Every baby is beautiful in their own way, but some are so special that they make headlines. Catalina and Virginia, twins from Argentina, were such cases.

Their parents, who already had a son, were overjoyed when they learned they were expecting twins. What they didn’t expect was that the girls had unique appearances.

The doctors were stunned by the girls’ hair when they were welcomed into the world in 2018. They both resembled some perfect mythic character, such as Princess Elsa from the Disney film Frozen.

The news that we would have two babies brought us a lot of joy, and when they were born and we saw that they were albinos, our joy did not change at all. The girls’ father, Jorge, told local newspaper LV12 that it is a blessing for them.

Catalina and Virginia were born prematurely at 36 weeks, but were healthy. Each weighed around 5.6 pounds.

When a photo of the girls was shared online, doctors and parents were blown away by their beauty.

In Argentina, Catalina and Virginia were the first twins born with albinism.

One in every 18,000 to 20,000 babies in the United States is born with albinism. Melanin deficiency is a genetic condition caused by low levels of melanin in the body. Albino is derived from the Latin word “albus,” which means white.

Jorge told LV12 that when they told us we would have two babies, we were very happy, but when they were born and we realized they were albinos, that happiness did not change at all.

A lack of melanin in the skin makes the girls, like anyone else with this condition, more susceptible to UV rays.

Catalina and Virginia are now 3 years old, and we were reminded of their beautiful life story when we saw some new photos of them. There is no problem with the girls’ health, and they lead a normal life.

Albinism can be beautiful, according to their parents. It is their hope that their daughters will grow up without being stared at or judged for the way they look.

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