Husband says he would be at his wife’s side till the end, and he plans to keep that promise

A 78-year-old man moved to his wife’s grave! For a shocking reason, he has always been there for ten years, no matter the weather. Here’s why he says he has to do this forever.
When you find true love, don’t let go of it.

Exactly that is what Fred Gilland did when he met his soulmate, Janice, his wife of many years.

Janice passed away after 51 years of marriage.

Fred’s world was shattered when he lost his wife. It was impossible for him to imagine spending his days without his love. However, he promised that he would never leave her side until the day he died. Fred still visits Janice’s grave every day, 10 years after losing her.

Despite the sun, severe winters, and heavy rains, he spends certain amounts of time there. Even though he is 78 years old, he will honor the memory of his dearly departed wife.

For him, each visit brings sweet memories of the times when Janice was still around.

I’ve adored her since I saw her, she was extraordinarily beautiful,” Fred said, adding his wife always put her family first and prioritized being around him. Fred misses her very much, but the daily visits give him the strength he needs to move forward.

Fred and Janice had a wonderful relationship. People who have seen Fred sitting next to her grave agree that this kind of commitment is rarest of all. We believe Fred does this out of love for Janice, which is beyond adorable.

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