Flight attendant finds secret note in airplane toilets that reads “I need help” – immediately calls police

As a flight attendant, I saw a 15-year-old girl next to an older man on the plane. I talked with them, and felt something was amiss. He was well dressed, while she was poorly dressed.” Here’s what she did.

Flying is usually associated with exciting vacations for most people. It is unfortunate that not everyone sees it that way.

With years of experience as a flight attendant, Shelia Fredrick is used to dealing with complex situations with passengers. She never expected to see anything life-changing. She did, however, on the flight from Seattle to San Francisco.

A blonde girl wearing shabby clothes sat next to an elderly man wearing nice clothes on the plane. Shelia noticed the girl’s look as she passed them. The girl’s look pierced her deep, creating a sense of urgency in her.

“I had an odd impression of this girl. There seemed to be a problem. First, she noticed how badly dressed the girl was in comparison to the male.” Too much of a difference, she thought.

When she tried to talk to the man, he became very defensive. She began to suspect something was wrong.

“I sensed something was off at first. Unlike the girl next to him, he reacted violently to any movement around him. “I’m glad I was able to intervene quickly and save a life.”

She went to the bathroom and placed a pen and paper there. If the girl needed help, she hoped she would use these.

After passing the girl again, Shelia signaled her to go to the bathroom. She got up and went to the bathroom.

A note read, “I need help,” when Sheila returned.

Immediately, she contacted the authorities. The police were ready to arrest the man as soon as the plane landed.

This 14-year-old girl was found to be a victim of human trafficking. Two months ago, she was kidnapped.

Nancy Rivard, a retired flight attendant, founded Airline Ambassadors International. Attendants are trained to recognize signs of human trafficking.

In order to help Shelia see things more clearly in the future, she received training from them after discovering this girl.

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