Twin Baby Girls Meet For The First Time – And Their First Conversation Is Priceless

There is nothing cuter than a giggling baby. Two newborns giggling together can elevate the cuteness scale to a whole new level. When two identical twin newborn babies have a full-blown conversation, this video breaks the scales.

It melts your heart into a gooey mass of smiling pleasure when you get two for the price of one. Babies peering at each other as if they were looking in a mirror, continuing a symposium that may have begun in the womb. What are they talking about, and do these two share the same brains and looks?

What is the significance of this secret bond between twins?

There are a lot of similarities between identical twins, including hair color, eye color, height and weight, as well as facial characteristics.

A DNA test is the only way to determine whether twins are identical, according to The Twin Project at The University of Texas. However, 95% of the time…

If distant relatives, new friends, and teachers cannot tell you apart, then you are probably identical twins.”

There is anecdotal evidence that twins have mental telepathy, despite the fact that it can’t be measured scientifically. According to an article in Very Well Family,

Generally, such incidents are considered to be signs of a close relationship that produces an intense sense of empathy, strong enough to generate physical sensations, such as feeling pain when a co-twin is hurt.

The experience of seeing these twins talk it out, looking into each other’s eyes, seemingly knowing what each is thinking and feeling, is quite remarkable.

These two have a strong bond.

According to the website, a three-month-old baby can follow moving objects and develop a social smile. These twins must be very advanced because they not only smile socially, but watch each other’s faces intently, reach out to touch, and engage in deep conversation. 

There is such a clear connection between these two that they seem to complete each other’s sentences.

Youtubers, TiK_, agrees,

“That was the most meaningful conversation I have ever witnessed.”

The giggling and cooing have been translated by many Youtubers.

Youtuber, ladybug, interprets,

“Hey roommate, do you remember me?” Yeah, that was fun hanging out in that warm bathtub with you.”

Youtuber, andrewkful, hears,

“You’ve got a nose!” It’s like MY nose!”

About three percent of the population are twins, so these two are unique and adorable.

It seems that identical twins are born by chance with such a low probability. However, some twins have taken advantage of society’s fascination with doppelgängers. In addition to their identical looks, some well-known twins have strong work ethics and stellar talents to stand out.

In addition to James and Oliver Phelps, known as the Weasley twins in Harry Potter films, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen developed their notoriety as child stars into a global brand, and Barbara and Jenna Bush, daughters of former President George W. Bush.

Take a look at the video below, but be prepared to experience a new definition of cute. From this day forward, your cuteness meter will need to be readjusted accordingly.

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