Dad Breaks Down Into Tears After Finding His 24-Year Old Youtuber Son Paid Off His Entire Mortgage

Jamie Nyland, 24, has been on vines for four years and on YouTube for 10 years and only has one goal in life. To earn enough to pay off his father’s entire mortgage and give him the gift of early retirement. Now that the moment is here, watch the video to see his dad’s emotional reaction.

He broke down into tears after his son surprised him with the news that he had paid off his entire mortgage, meaning that the father could now enjoy an early retirement. 

Jamie Nyland, 24, from Gloucestershire, England, has 2.3 million followers on his tik tok account. Jamie posted a video of him telling his dad the good news on his social media account. 

When Jamie goes to his dad’s room, he gives him a set of keys to the house. Dad is confused: “What are these for?”?

The son replies, “I’ve just paid off your mortgage. I just contacted the bank and paid off every penny left on your mortgage.”

In his words, “you now own this whole house. You’ve worked your whole life so now you can actually retire.”

Dad, unable to believe what he is hearing, responds ‘no’, to which his son assures him that what he is experiencing is the truth.

Finally, the dad realizes that he is mortgage free and can enjoy early retirement. After this, the overwhelmed father breaks down into tears and tells him repeatedly that he cannot accept such large financial assistance. 

Jamie tells his father, “I’ve already done it,” to which his father replies, “You’re the best son anyone could ask for.”

As Dad hands Jamie back the keys, he says, “It’s in the will. The house is yours – what’s mine is yours.”

“I love you so much. You paid off my mortgage. I put you in my will. You retired me for life. I have set you up for life.”

A touching video captioned ‘I love you Dad’ ends with the father and son hugging in an emotional embrace. 

Jamie recently told his followers that he was able to pay off his dad’s mortgage after “doing Vine for four years and YouTube for 10 years”, adding: “It is my only goal.”.Jamie’s video is warmly received by the internet, with people telling him that every parent wishes they had a son like him. 

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