Dad, 54, Looks So Young He Gets Constantly Mistaken For His Step-Daughter’s BF

Nowadays, social media sites and platforms offer people a fantastic opportunity to display their unique appearances and personalities to the rest of the world in an easier way than ever before.

Another Dutch influencer exemplifies this.

Despite the fact that he works as a writer, this amazing-looking father appears much younger than anyone in his generation.

Edson Brando, who is 54 yet appears in his twenties, attributes his youthful appearance to healthy nutrition, skincare, exercise, and a cheerful attitude.

The Groningen influencer also said he had never undergone plastic surgery.

Thanks to his youthful appearance, he has gained thousands of Instagram followers.

Almost all of the people he meets assume he is at least 20 years younger than he is.Due to his youthful appearance, things are frequently complicated for him. At family gatherings, Edson feels that he is frequently mistaken for his step-boyfriend, daughter’s and that this causes embarrassment for everyone.

According to him:

“I am the oldest of four brothers, the others being 52, 28 and 27. My father is always asked if I am the youngest son at family gatherings. When I went to Switzerland, the order police flagged me since they didn’t believe I was forty.

He went on, “

“They verified my passport and were surprised to find it was mine, and not a fake.” “What did I do to seem so young?” the cops inquired.

Edson doesn’t smoke or use drugs, and his youthful appearance isn’t a secret.

His ‘magical’ recipe includes regular exercise, decent nutrition, and adequate skincare.

He explains that his appearance is a result of his efforts to live a healthy, drug- and cigarette-free lifestyle.

Edson eats healthy food in moderation. The average daily calorie intake for him is between 2,000 and 2,500. He eats a lot of vegetables and fruits, fish, whole grains, cereals, and all kinds of vegetable proteins, which are even better if they’re organic.

In addition, he does a 40-minute cardio workout and a 60-minute weight-training workout.

He consumes 2,000-2,500 calories per day, mostly from vegetables, fruits, and cereals.

This health nut meditates twice a week to relieve stress and improve his overall well-being.

As the COVID-19 pandemic loomed in 2020, thousands of people around the world benefited from his encouraging words and recommendations about living a healthy lifestyle, remaining young, fitness, and motivation.

However, things weren’t always perfect. Three decades ago, Edson particularly had a problem with his appearance in comparison to his attractive and slender pals, and he was determined to fix it.

Therefore, we can all agree that his persistence paid off!

Besides his numerous health suggestions, Edson also encourages people to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, such as travel and desserts.

Similarly, he advises individuals to maintain a healthy mind, spirit, and body, as well as smile and think positively in order to improve their lives.

According to Edson, a smile and a good attitude can change anyone’s life!

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