Teenager Marries His High-school Sweetheart As He Learns He Has Three To Six Months To Live

The love story of this young couple is one of the most touching we’ve ever heard.

Sadie and Chase’s love story is one of the most beautiful and emotional we’ve ever heard. They loved one another deeply and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, despite the fact that they were still teenagers.

When Chase was diagnosed with cancer, they both thought they had a bright future. Their world fell apart. Their hearts were heavy with sadness. But they decided to pray and hope for the best, and make the most of their time together.

As his illness progressed, he proposed to Sadie, and the two were married in front of their parents in an intimate ceremony. A lovely couple married in Sadie’s yard, which was festooned with balloons and flowers. Due to the pandemic, they could not invite many people, but Chase’s father made sure all of Chase and Sadie’s supporters were virtually present. He posted a video of the newlyweds on YouTube.

In just four days, they arranged the wedding without a hitch.

Chase’s mother was thrilled that her son had achieved his dream of marrying the woman of his dreams. The young couple’s romance was compared to Nicholas Sparks’ novels or a Hallmark movie.

An attempt was made to assist Chase with his cancer by creating a GoFundMe page.

A year after the wedding, he received tests that revealed the tumors had spread. Chase died in April of 2021.

The funds raised covered medical and funeral costs, with the remainder going to charities close to Chase’s heart. Rest in peace, young man, you will be missed.

Source: insideedition.com

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