Bring Your Hands Together, Do Your Heart Lines Match Up? Mine did. This is What it Means!

Palm reading is an ancient art that dates back hundreds of years. It originated in India and spread to Asia, Europe, and North America. Reading palms gives insight into the personality of the person being read. While it is considered a pseudoscience, many people believe in the knowledge that can be found in the palm of a hand.

In the palm, the most prominent line appears just below the base of the fingers. This is called the heart line. You can learn a lot about your relationships and potential love life from a sharp crease. You don’t need to pay a palm reader to read it for you – you can learn to do it yourself.

First, place your hands side by side.

Are your lines of love compatible? Do they touch when you align your palms? How crooked are they?

1. If the left line is higher than the right,

If you’re assertive and independent, you don’t necessarily need love to complete yourself. Although you have needs, you don’t take the search for love very seriously.

If you want to get that kind of passionate, fiery love that so many are searching for, you aren’t afraid to be aggressive when it comes to claiming what is rightfully yours and eliminating whatever stands in your way.

2. If the lines are the same height,

It indicates a calm, nurturing personality. You dislike changes and are a wonderful parent. Your gentleness gives people reason to have faith in humanity.

As a result of your good common sense and how sensitive you can be, you tend to be one of the most empathetic people that everyone seeks out when they are feeling down.

3. If the right hand line is higher than the left line,

You are a good lover, wise beyond your years.

You are the type of person who might marry someone much older than you are and are highly desirable to older people. You don’t care what society thinks and live freely.

It is also your tendency not to follow traditional rules when it comes to being “normal”. You like things a little off or a little strange compared to what most people are used to.

You are the type of person who will marry someone who is accepted by everyone you know.

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