Mom Receives Hate From Internet Ageist Bigots After Adopting a Baby at the Age of 49

Kris Monsour always dreamed of becoming a mother. Unfortunately, her anatomy prevented her from doing so. While trying to conceive a child, she sadly suffered many miscarriages. When she was 41, after her last miscarriage, she was told to just “accept her fate” that she would never have children.

Hearing these words cut deep, especially for someone who wished so badly to become a mother. Several years later, she received some exciting news after a long journey. Kris’ adoption of baby Ainsley had been confirmed!

Kris then posted a video on her TikTok account @thevintageparents two years later, at age 51. The video received over 9.4 million likes, but a shocking number of people directed some pretty nasty and hurtful remarks at Kris. Her age led many to believe she should have simply “accepted her fate” and not attempted to raise children.

Many older moms like Kris face discrimination and ridicule every day, especially on social media, where people feel less accountable for their words. Some people believe that a woman should not have children after a certain age. When a child graduates from high school, gets married, and starts having children of their own, they argue that a mother will become too old.

There were some very harsh comments.

Somebody wrote, “Maybe adoption would have been better, she’s gonna lose you early.”.

Someone else commented, “Having old parents stinks.”. “My parents had me at 50 and now they’re 75 and too old to be grandparents.”. Selfish, you.”.

There were also those who defended Kris.

Someone wrote, “No amount of time is guaranteed between any parent and child, but being the best parent you can be in this lifetime is all that matters.”.

“I’m sure you’re an amazing mama,” another person said.

Someone else said, “Motherhood is beautiful at any age.”. Congratulations, mama! She looks gorgeous!””

Another user commented, referring to the comments in the thread, “I can’t believe how wanting a child makes you a bad mother.”. People die every day at any age at any time.

What are your thoughts on this?

Watch Kris’ video below.

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