Mom Notices Scratches On Her Child’s Face, Later Sees A Figure Appear On Their Baby Monitor

Josh Higgins and Heather Brough, a young couple from Highland Township, Michigan, experienced an unusual incident that led them to move.

Josh’s mother lives in the main house nearby, while his mother and father live in Josh’s mother’s guesthouse.

Heather discovered Lili’s face covered in scratches when she went to check on her 15-month-old daughter one morning. Lili was in excruciating pain from the severe scratches. Heather’s heart was shattered into a million pieces as a result. She had no idea how that could have happened. Lily scratched herself in her sleep at first, but when they held her hands up to the scratches, they couldn’t match them.

As a result, the mother decided to look at the monitor footage from Lily’s room to see what had happened.

They had no idea the footage would give them shivers.

“It was terrifying.” You literally felt shivers running down your spine. Was that what I just saw?” says the ‘what if’ element.

The video shows a strange figure approaching Lily’s cot. As it got closer, the infant could be seen staring straight up at the ceiling.

“I suffered a nervous breakdown. I dropped what I was doing and hurried upstairs to get my daughter.”

Things have happened in the house before, and this wasn’t the first time. Heather reported hearing unusual noises and feeling someone put their arm around her neck, as if a spirit was trying to strangle her.

Parents in Michigan believed a ghost was attempting to scare and harm their daughter. Lilly’s parents decided to leave the house for her safety.

Josh’s father believes if there is a ghost in the house, it belongs to the previous owner, who died in a tragic accident 14 years ago, shortly before the Higgins purchased it.

Josh’s parents live in the main house, which they believe to be haunted as well. Other times, they hear unusual noises, which are attributed to the soul of the woman who lived there and died after falling down the steps. Once upon a time, the two ghosts were brothers and sisters.

Paranormal investigator Mike Priest examined both locations and believes something strange is happening.

Then something said, “Oh, here we go.” He replied, “Of course. I heard it plain as day.”

The individual in the video claims it could be nothing more than a moving reflection.


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