Adopted 6th Grader Who Had Never Had A Birthday Party Of His Own Gets Emotional Surprise On His Special Day

Abraham Walker and his brother James were adopted by a family in North Carolina from Sierra Leone.

Abraham Walker didn’t know what a birthday was until his family decided to surprise him on his special day. Walker and his brother James were adopted from Sierra Leone by a family in Waxhaw, North Carolina. In November 2021, Jamie and Joe Walker welcomed their sons from the orphanage. With their four biological children, their new life has been “chaotic and wonderful.”

When you take a toddler through it for the first time, and they’re in awe, it’s so magical and amazing. But some kids don’t like it. “They’re incredibly excited about their first real haircut, their first day of school, and even their first car wash,” Jamie said of the boys’ new experiences in America, according to QUEEN CITY NEWS. Abraham’s birthday surprise on May 19th, however, came close. 

Abraham’s family wasn’t sure how old he is, but they celebrated his birthday anyway. They don’t take paperwork very seriously in the country where they are from, so on their birth certificates they appear to be a little older than they are,” Jamie explained.

 As the family surprised the youngster with a cake, Abraham burst into tears. “We never knew there was something called a birthday,” he said. “It feels like everybody in the entire world is giving you their best love they have ever given. That is how it feels.”

In Sierra Leone, the youngster said he prayed for a family who would love him and care for him. But he never knew if his prayers would be answered… 

But they were. “I love them more than they could ever imagine. They showed me what happiness is, what love is, and what it means to have a family around you.

Jamie shared the video of Abraham’s emotional reaction on TikTok. She captioned it: Abraham has never “made a wish” or blown out candles on his very own cake! This is what JOY looks like!! And we couldn’t agree more! To many more wonderful birthdays for Abraham, filled with tons of love and family around him.

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