Mom Criticized For Piercing Daughter’s Ears Just 1 Day After She Was Born

In cultures all over the world, ear piercing is one of the most common forms of body modification. A pair of earrings can dress up any outfit and make a fashion statement. Even though piercing your ears is one of the easiest ways to change your appearance, even just a little, it does come with some risks and drawbacks.

Even though these problems are usually minor, depending on the age of the individual getting their ears pierced they can be harmful. Healthline reports that some doctors recommend waiting until babies are four months old, when they will have received their two tetanus vaccines.

In recent years, parents have pierced their children’s ears before they’re old enough to consent. Due to the expected agony and possible health risks, many people oppose allowing parents to pierce their children’s ears. Children may not want to wait until they are older to have their ears pierced, especially if it is a part of their culture.

A new mom has been posting some gorgeous photographs and videos of her baby, Lara, on TikTok and Instagram. The baby was born on January 20, 2022. In addition to negative feedback on her posts, the mother has been criticized for piercing Lara’s ears despite the fact that she did it only one day after she was born. Individuals debated whether or not this was good parenting in a massive online debate.

Many parents post pictures and videos of their infants because they are so excited about the upcoming adventures of parenthood. In June 2022, a mother uploaded a video of her daughter Lara to TikTok with the message, “The time flew by.” “I miss you when you’re this small.” The video transitioned between a recent clip of her daughter, presumably in the hospital, and a more recent clip held by someone.

However, in May 2022, the mother shared a video with the description “1 day vs 3 months,” in which she revealed how her baby looked at one day old versus three months old. Many viewers were shocked to learn that Lara’s ears were pierced just one day after she was born.

Individuals expressed their displeasure at the mother’s decision to pierce Lara’s ears. “Why shouldn’t kids be allowed to choose whether or not they want their ears pierced?” one individual argued. I’ll let my kids decide when they’re old enough to understand these concepts.” “OK, but why?” someone else said. She’s a newborn! She doesn’t need them! Because I have a 7-month-old daughter, I must say no. “Perhaps when she’s older.”

Others, on the other hand, believe it should be the mother’s decision. One person said, “I had my ears pierced when I was three months old.” The same day, my mother also had hers done. Let the family decide. Piercings are important to us.” “I love the way her ears are pierced!” said another. “I would do the same.”

Although there is still debate about who should have the authority to make these decisions, many individuals agreed that they only wanted what was best for the infant.


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