The Best Anniversary Gift a Couple Could Ever Had, Celebrates 70th Anniversary by Wearing Their Original  Wedding Dress

What is the best anniversary gift for your wife or husband? This is one of the most common questions asked on the internet. We found an amazing couple who gave a wonderful answer to it. 

How lucky is the woman who gets to wear her original wedding dress for her 70th wedding anniversary? Seventy years of marriage is challenging, but they have made it. To find the perfect life partner to spend the rest of their lives with.


Source: Anna Behning

From this story, those having problems in their marriages will learn an important lesson. Their love is as strong as it was on their first date 70 years ago. They remain close even now. In the twinkling of their eyes, they began a new chapter in their romance.

There is such a thing as genuine love, which can be found here on earth. As you read this, you won’t only feel like you’re reading a fairy tale.


Source: Anna Behning

Who are these love birds?

Nancy Lubbers, 87, and Melvin Lubbers, 91, are the couple. They celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on January 6, 2022. South Dakota residents chose to celebrate this wonderful wedding in their family garden.

The event was captured by Anna Behning, her youngest grandchild and a professional wedding photographer. 

“My grandmother took great care to preserve her wedding gown. I suggested she wear it again. My mom’s idea was to wear my grandpa’s Korean War army uniform.” Said Anna.


Source: Anna Behning

First meeting

When Nancy was 16 years old, she met Gary at a local roller skating rink in Mitchell, South Dakota, and fell in love at first sight. At a ballpark in town, Naty enthusiastically accepted Melvin’s marriage proposal. 

Melvin is a handsome man. He impressed me. I still remember that date, Nancy recalled. A loving glance crossed her face. “Nancy was shy. She rarely spoke to me.” 

#4 Melvin Lubbers, at a young age

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The teenage sweethearts were married in Mitchell, South Dakota, on January 6, 1952. Jarold’s Shop in Mitchell sold the wedding dress for $35 and the veil for $15. Melvin wore a pinstripe suit, and Nancy carried a bouquet of red roses. They held a simple ceremony in the basement of the church with a small meal, cake, and ice cream.


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Source: Anna Behning

Melvin bought their wedding ring from Knodel Jewelry in Mitchell, South Dakota, but he always joked that they got it from a gumball machine.


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Mervin was summoned to military service in the Korean War three weeks after their wedding and had to undergo four months of basic training. After arriving home, the couple only had ten days together before Melvin was sent to Japan for more training. During the Korean War, I was a tank commander in North and South Korea for eight months.


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As there were no telephone facilities then, and written letters were their only means of communication, keeping in touch was difficult. The separation between the two would not last long, as Melvin would soon return from battle. 

Oh, they did begin life! With that, life began! In addition to his career as a salesperson, Melvin had a hobby farm that included sheep. Nancy worked in a grocery store. 


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We were a large family of five. We had four daughters and one son. We now have 12 great-grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren.” She boasted, a smile on her face. Currently, Duane Lubbers, 67, Lori Heier, 65, Dee Dee Konrad, 64, Dawn Gerlach, 62, and Melissa Schutte, 54, are their five children.


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“My wedding gown is very special to me. I have preserved and protected it. The thought of wearing it again never crossed my mind. Nancy commented, “I must congratulate my granddaughter for hosting such a celebration.”.


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“I will never forget the day we exchanged our vows.” He was glad to see her wearing her original dress again.


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“In a marriage, one partner can do something the other does not approve of. Be respectful of one another. When your partner is wrong, forgive and forget.” Nancy explained their happy marriage.


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Melvin added, “When you disagree, you sit down and talk about it.”. When a solution is found, it is not brought up again.”


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Melanie continued, smiling, “It drives me crazy when she whispers and I can’t hear her.” Nancy added, “He drives me crazy when he teases too much, which upsets me very much.”


Source: Anna Behning

A happy marriage is based on love. A successful marriage is built on forgiveness, respect, and open communication.

What did this romance make you feel like?

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