Kid Gives Up Seat for Pregnant Woman While Adults Passengers Pretended Not to See Her

It went viral after a kid gave up his seat for a pregnant woman, especially since the other adults ignored her.

People have become so indifferent with the world these days that they don’t care about what happens to others, as long as they are happy with their own lives.

It is no longer common for people to give up their seats to pregnant women and old people on public transportation.

Photo credit: Ally Iskandar / Facebook

It’s not too late, though. Collectively, we can still change our ways as a society and teach our children better manners.

Sometimes, though, it is the kids who teach adults some manners!

The chivalrous act of this Malaysian kid went viral.

In August 2009, a netizen named Ally Iskandar shared CCTV footage taken inside a train showing a pregnant woman entering a train and finding no seats available. Three men, one boy, and two women were inside.

Photo credit: Ally Iskandar / Facebook

One of the guys looked at the pregnant woman, but ignored her. He tilted his body away from the woman to pretend he hadn’t seen her at all, but he clearly saw her. Though he stared at her direction for a long time, the third guy didn’t also give up his seat despite being directly in front of her.

Like the guys, they also saw the pregnant woman, but showed no compassion for her. Rather than seeing her, they pretended not to see her at all.

Since the pregnant lady was getting tired of standing up on that train and the adults around him had no intention of giving up their seats, the kid finally stepped up and offered to take her place.

The young lad was praised on social media for his chivalrous act, but the adults were criticized. While netizens felt angry at the men for not giving up their seats, the women were slammed for not helping out the pregnant lady, knowing that they have also experienced being pregnant at some point in life or will do so in the future.

Kudos to this young lad! You’re doing a great job, kid!

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