Family who Adopted 3 Brothers Couldn’t Take the Fourth, so their Neighbors Gave him a Home

Adoption can be one of a child’s most memorable days. After living in orphanages and foster homes, nothing could make a kid happier. 17-month-old Elijah was fortunate enough to possess one object. The infant was adopted in 2016 in the same area as his three biological siblings. Jay Houston from Southern Georgia told ABC News about this after she brought the baby home.

Additionally, Julie Washington, a friend of hers, had taken in the elder brothers. In reference to this, Houston said, “They all know they’re brothers and get to grow up together.” Although they do not live in the same town, they do share a town. Being his mother for the rest of my life is a great gift I am very grateful for.

The four adopted siblings.

To give you an idea of how big their family is, Houston is a mother to six children. Elijah is one of four adopted children from this group. She took Elijah six months before the adoption was officially completed.

As the youngest of seven children, I was adopted. When I was younger, I always wanted to do that. It came right away (adopting Elijah). When his former foster mother showed us a video of him laughing, smiling, and crawling, I knew he would fit in right away,” Houston said.

In obtaining him from Children’s Protective Services, Houston had completed the entire process. As a result, she was able to adopt the child.

It is unquestionable that Elijah’s happy adoption would contribute to his or her healthy development. Foster children face a lot of negative stigma, says Houston. There are no words to describe how much these kids have changed my life. All they need is love, and they’re just kids. My husband and I are the lucky ones. Elijah’s elder brothers were adopted by Julie Washington, Houston’s neighbor.

“When I learned about Elijah, we were still trying to get our guys back home,” Washington said. We now have five children, up from two, one of whom has special needs. We weren’t sure if we could accommodate another child. I was aware of Houston’s value in maintaining siblings’ bonds. We agreed to keep them together because they indicated that they would be open to having more children.

Despite taking in three older brothers, Washington could not accept Elijah. It hurt so much, but I didn’t think we could pull it off,” I said. We had already grown from two to five children, one of whom was special needs. She added that we would be overloaded and would not be able to give someone the attention they deserved.

The lone brother could not bear to be separated from the family, so Jay and Julie reached an agreement.

“I know how it feels to look at your family and not recognize anyone who looks like you. A family is formed by love, but biology also plays a role. It shouldn’t be a privilege to grow up with your siblings, and I wanted to give Elijah that opportunity,” Jay told PEOPLE.

According to Julie’s husband, B.J. Washington, a research assistant at the University of Georgia, “The adoption of all four sons has brought our two families closer together.” The goal is for them to share the sibling relationship they would have in a traditional family.

George Houston, who works as the training director for Zaxby’s restaurant franchise, made a similar point. We are incomparably better off because these lads are a part of our lives. It’s a great decision for our family to expand. Often, people tell us that our children are fortunate, but in reality, we are the lucky ones. It is we who are fortunate.

In agreement with her husband, Jay said, “When we decided to increase our families through adoption, we could never have predicted the outcome.” All we knew was that it would work out. 

We want our sons to grow up knowing and loving one another. This is how brothers should behave.

Reid and Ryan adopted Elijah’s three siblings, Michael, Jess, and Camden. In contrast, Elijah lived in the same household as Sarah Jane, Timothy, Caleb, Raleigh, and Joseph.


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