Young Mother Both Takes Her Children with Her And Delivers Food While Her Husband Does This Unacceptable Thing At Home

Russian mother, who works for a courier service company, went viral on the internet after sharing photos of her taking her children with her while she works.

She is a young mother of two, carrying a large green express bag on her back, holding the hand of a young child and another infant. The viral photo amazed netizens.

Local media have taken notice of the photo. This young mother’s real situation has been revealed, and netizens have been amazed by it.

Lada Koroleva is a 19-year-old delivery woman for Delivery Club, a courier service company.

Currently, Lada Koroleva lives in a remote apartment in Moscow with her husband. Her husband is not motivated to improve despite having a wife and two children to support.

Despite the fact that she is a full-time hands-on mother, she did not hire a nanny for economic reasons. When she works, she takes her children with her, which makes her an admirable and respected mother.

Lada had her first child at the age of 17. A few months later, she started working and bringing her baby in a stroller while delivering food.

However, her financial hardships increased when she had her second child, and she continued to work for the courier service company.

Media attention to her photos resulted in a gradual reduction in her financial burden.

Courier services company jobs, however, are quite unstable. She hopes to find a more stable job in the future, where she can also spend more time at home with her children.

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