Today’s Quick Challenge: Which car has to move first to solve this puzzle?

Sometimes we need a break from all our routines, chores, and obligations. It can help us clear our minds and recharge our batteries for the new challenges that await us in everyday life.

A great way to accomplish this is brainteasers. They come in several forms: sudoku, crossword puzzles, riddles, and other challenges. Brainteasers often make us exercise a part of the brain that goes unchallenged while we sit at work behind a computer all day.

I love to test myself in different ways – the best part being that it is both fun and useful!

With this in mind, I thought I would share with you 2 puzzles that I came across on Bright Side earlier today. I think they are just right – not too easy, but not too difficult either.

Which car should move first?

Finding a great puzzle, for me, is one of the best feelings out there. Challenging my friends with things like this is a great way to spend the time during this pandemic.

In our first challenge, there’s been a traffic jam at an intersection. However, it is enough for a single car to move, then the others can, in turn, get straight out of there. Apparently, only a fraction of people get it right on their first guess.

The question is: Can you figure out which car has to move first?

Now think for a moment, and do not make it too hard on yourself if you can’t find the right answer.

Did you already find the right answer? Then you have done an excellent job. However, are you entirely sure?

I had to think for quite a while before I was 100% sure that I knew which car must move first to solve the traffic jam.

Okay, are you ready to see the correct answer?

The answer is: car 3 must move first (by reversing)! Then the others can get out of there!

Which container is filled first?

Okay, time for our second challenge!

This one may be a little harder to answer quickly, but if you give yourself some time, I think you will have no problem figuring out the solution.

Can you figure out which of the containers will be filled with water first?

In this challenge, it is essential to have an eye for detail.

After all, some containers are closed in different places, but you probably have already seen that. Right?

Even on this task, it is crucial to think carefully and not rush.

Okay, are you ready for the answer? Make sure you have chosen which container you think will be filled first!

The answer is: container F! The water coming from L can only go to F because the entrance to H is closed.

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