Challenge: Find all the Q’s in this picture within 20 seconds

The brain of a working adult is filled to the brim with information. Cooking, social distancing, work, laundry, cleaning, and everything in between that keeps us occupied throughout the entire day.

Besides, most of our days take place behind a computer, tablet, or smartphone screen. This makes taking a break even more of a priority. Our minds cannot go through all our adult responsibilities without a rest.

Brainteasers are, as the name says, exercises to “tease” the brain. If you spend a few minutes with them every day, you will soon discover that your mind is a little clearer and more alert afterward.

In other words, you are having fun while getting an excellent workout for our most important muscle, the brain.

We need quick senses

Challenges can come in many different ways. None is better or worse than the other. The important part is to regularly get some mental exercise.

Below, we see a puzzle that will help you train your senses. It is anything but simple, and most people can’t complete the task before the time’s up.

In other words, it is essential to concentrate if you want to have a chance.

Image source: ShutterstockFind all the Q’s in under ten seconds

Here is today’s challenge. You will find it in the picture below.

It’s an image with lots of O’s. However, among them, there’s also a few Q’s hiding. Your task is to find all the Q’s in under ten seconds.

Here is the picture. Good luck!

Image source: Newsner / The Laugh ClubDid you find them all? As I said, it is pretty tricky.

Below the next image, we’ll show you the correct answer.

Here are all the Q’s

How many Q’s did you manage to find in ten seconds?

Check the solution below and compare it with your answer!

Image source: Newsner / The Laugh ClubThe correct answer is thus: nine Q’s.

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