Can you spot the hidden number in this picture?

When faced with a challenge, humans bring out their competitive instinct. There is something inherently fun about overcoming an obstacle on your own. From learning how to use a bow and arrow to beating a video game on the hardest difficulty, we look for the thrill that comes from pushing ourselves.

These tests also help the brain relax and unfold, allowing us to recharge our batteries. So we can jump right back into the busy adult life filled with worries and responsibilities.

Besides, they are a great way to kill the time during social distancing!

Sudoku, Crossword Puzzles, visual illusions, and many other tests await us online. Thanks to the internet, there is always something new to solve and have fun.

Difficult to solve

Usually, your eyes and brain must cooperate to solve the challenge ahead. Only when you achieve maximum focus can you find the small details that will reveal the answer.

The optical illusion below is a clear example of such. Today, we’ll test the power of your concentration and attention to detail.

I recently showed it to four of my colleagues, and only one got it right. In other words, this is not a simple task.

Find the hidden number

I had to sit, think, turn, and wonder for a while before I could find the answer. However, I must say that this challenge, apparently, involves more than just intelligence or eyesight.

Of course, anything would be harder with bad sight, but you should be calm otherwise. It is essential to think outside the box if you want to see the hidden number in this black and white illusion!

Will you succeed?

If you can’t see it, then try to look from a further distance. It should make it much easier.

Otherwise, it may also be a good idea to look at it from different angles.

Do you see it now?

Below, we’ll show you the answer.

Here is the solution

Are you prepared? The correct answer will appear below this image.

Image source: PixabayI hope you are ready!

It is the number 17! Hiding in plain sight.

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