This tradesman colossal mistake will leave you tearing your hair out

If there is one profession you can quickly get tired of dealing with is carpenters, plumbers, or any type of tradesman. They are always late – if they ever show up – and rarely finish things on the agreed time.

Of course, some of them are excellent at their job, but they are also the hardest to reach, as demand is high for reliable work. Indeed, most of us have probably lost our temper dealing with a tradesman at one point or the other.

Even if they try their best, things can sometimes go terribly wrong.

Tradesman makes a mistake

We’ve all witnessed our good share of stupidity. Still, nothing I’ve seen so far can compete with the idiots behind the construction of this house (below). Things simply couldn’t have gone any worse.

Image: Reddit

At a quick glance, everything might seem to be in order. It even looks quite nice. But if you take a closer look, soon you’ll realize that this is a total disaster.

There may be an explanation

It makes me wonder if these tradesmen were sober when they built this house or if they just blindly followed a lousy architect’s blueprint.

Whatever the case, this house makes you almost lose hope in humanity.

Can you see why?

Image: Reddit

Those behind this failure have paved the way to the garage on the wrong side of the house.

People on Reddit, where the picture was first published, have many theories about the origin of this colossal mistake.

But the most popular one seems to be that it is a prefab home and that the garage is the construction company’s office.

Hopefully, that’s the case – because no one would otherwise want to pay money for such a terrible construction!

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