Today’s challenge: Only a genius can find the cat in 18 seconds

A little brain-teasing never hurts, as long as the challenge you are trying to solve is not impossible. Of course, it shouldn’t be easy because there is no fun if you find the answer right away, but at the same time, it’s not good if it’s so hard that it leaves you frustrated and disappointed because you can’t figure it out.

The puzzle below has been going around online for a while and it leaves many people tearing their hair out – but it is far from impossible to solve.

The next challenge is part of a charity project from Natures Menu, a cat and dog food production company. This company presented the challenge below during national cat day as a project to draw attention to the fact that currently, an incredible number of cats lack a proper home.

Find the cat in 18 seconds

The challenge is to, in the picture below, find the cat hiding among all the pigeons in the picture.

What makes the whole challenge a bit more difficult is that you only have 18 seconds.

Set your timer and get ready – here is the picture.

Image source: Natures Menu

Not easy to find

For most people, it takes a little longer to find the little kitten, maybe around 30 seconds. But if you bring your A-game, you can definitely succeed within the 18 seconds specified.

If the challenge is too difficult, you can see the answer after the picture below.

It took me more than I would like to admit to solve it. What about you? Here is the answer in case you haven’t found it yet!

Image source: Natures Menu

There is the little kitty, not easy to find, but once you see it, it seems quite obvious!

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