Today’s tricky riddle: How many eggs do I have left?

Sitting down to solve a few brainteasers is always a good idea. No matter how tired you feel, your mind will always feel a bit clearer after solving a puzzle. 

The goal is to temporarily give the brain a break from all everyday tasks and responsibilities and only concentrate on the challenge you have in front of you at the moment. In addition, it is healthy for the mind to exercise at regular intervals, just as any other part of the body.

Brainteasers do not always have to be long and difficult sudoku challenges or crossword puzzles. Thanks to the internet, today, there are millions of tests of all difficulties to choose from. Like today’s challenge, which has become quite popular online lately.

Important to think carefully

The riddle below has caused thousands of people to tear their hair out because they can’t manage to solve the task. It is anything but easy, but if you concentrate and take your time, I know you can solve it.

How many eggs do I have left?

Here comes today’s test. Below, we can see a picture.

The challenge is thus the following:

I have six eggs.

I broke two,

Cooked two,

And I ate two.

How many eggs do I have left?

Can you come up with the answer? Think carefully, read the task a few times. We’ll show you the correct answer after the picture below.

Here is the correct answer

The correct answer is 4.

How do we get there? Well, if we start with six eggs. Then break two, which then we fry and eat. We will have four left. But the question is deceptively written to make you think that all six eggs have been used. Clever, right?

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