Dirty joke: Karen the ex-supermodel has expensive plastic surgery

No matter who you are or what you do, no one can escape age. For most of us, it’s not something we think about constantly. Growing old is simply a part of life.

In some aspects, it is actually good to become older. You become wiser and you do no longer let what others think of you to get in the way of your own happiness.

But some people dread being older and will take any available options to maintain a young appearance, no matter the risks.

In my opinion, however, it rarely works and it usually goes wrong, as it happened in the next fictional funny story.

Karen, a retired supermodel, was struggling to come to terms with her aging. She really missed the years when she looked young and stunning. Something that she, according to herself, no longer was the case.

So Karen decided to have plastic surgery. She took out $5,000 of her savings account and searched for a plastic surgeon that would make her face look as young as she remembered it.

Karen was in absolute bliss

After the operation, Karen was really happy, the doctors were very skilled. So on the way home, Karen stopped at the store.

“Sorry for asking, but how old do you think I am?” Karen asked the cashier.

“You look like you could be 31,” the salesman replied.

“Oh my, thank you, how nice of you, but I’m actually 47,” Karen happily answered.

Karen then made a quick stop to get some coffee at Starbucks and was not able to refrain from asking the girl at the checkout.

“Sorry, but how old would you think I am?”

“I would guess around 28, said the young girl at the checkout.”

“That’s so sweet! Thank you very much, but I’m actually 47,” she replied.

“I have a trick to find out the age”

Karen continued home but stopped another person on the street to ask the same question. The person guessed that she was 29, which made Karen even happier. She was in absolute bliss!

When Karen finally arrived at her bus stop, she saw an elderly man.

“Sorry but if I may ask, how old does the gentleman think I am?” asked Karen.

“Oh dear me, I am 81 years old and I can’t see so good anymore. But when I was young, I learned a good trick to find out a woman’s actual age. However, it only works if you let me fondle your breasts,” the old man replied.

“How did you know that?”

Karen hesitated for a moment before she thought “Oh well, why not?”

“Okay, you can cop a feel,” Karen replied and the old man stood behind her and began to squeeze and feel.

After a few minutes, Karen got enough.

“Well, that’s enough now. How old do you think I am?”

“You are exactly 47 years old,” the old man replied.

“HOW did you know that?!” she screamed.

The man stared at her and answered.

“I was standing behind you in the line at McDonald’s…”

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