Today’s List: 19 idiots that got fired the next morning

No matter what profession you have, some parts of a job are harder than others.

Should something go wrong with the slightly more complicated tasks, it is usually understandable. After all, higher difficulty means it’s easier to mess up.

But if something goes wrong with the simplest of tasks, there won’t be as much acceptance.

Here are 19 examples of idiots who have failed horribly at simple tasks. How did they mess up so badly?

1. Well, how are you supposed to sit there?

2. It’s all about that easy access

3. This house looks a bit too “tired”

4. Ah! The amazing Amtrak engineering

5. Welp. I hope there is a lift…

6. There seems to be a great untold story here…

7. Whoever designed this should probably look for a new job

8. Great little dolls! But they do look a bit like…

9. Useless, like our politicians

10. Slide: Hardcore difficulty

11. A seat for very flexible people

12. Who needs a fence when you got such a strong door?

13. When math fails you, improvise!

14. There is a little Picasso inside all of us

15. If I had to describe our education system in one image…

16. Always plan ahead, or don’t.

17. “All animals must survive, so let’s bring two male lions inside the ark!”

18. When the manufacturer wants to mess with your head

19. “Mom, I’m going to the playground!” “Okay sweetie, just be careful!” The playground:

These pictures are so incredibly funny! You really can’t understand how things could have gone so wrong!

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