Two Adopted Ladies Become Best Friends, Later Discover They’re Long Lost Sisters

When two coworkers discovered they were long-lost sisters, it seemed like something out of a movie. They formed an immediate bond and became best friends after meeting for the first time. However, it would be another eight years before they discovered they were sisters.

Julia Tinetti and Cassandra Madison met while working at the Russian Lady Bar in New Haven, Connecticut, in 2013. They were both born and raised in the Dominican Republic, and they had tattoos of the country’s flag on their bodies. After connecting via common interests, the coworkers began to hang out outside of work on a regular basis. They’d go out for dinner and drinks, and they’d even try on the same outfits!

Cassandra Madison recently chose to convey her tale to the world for the challenge: Tell me about your most weird one-in-a-million story, thanks to a TikTok trend. Anything that happened to you that you couldn’t believe actually happened.

Madison had a unique tale, and she responded to a TikTok user’s challenge by posting a video explaining her connection with her long-lost sister, whom she found while working at a pub.

An instant communication

They just appeared to click, and their relationship looked real. They were ridiculed by their coworkers for wanting to act like sisters.

Tinetti and Madison were dismayed to learn that their adoption paperwork did not match. They were from two distinct cities, according to the journals, and had somewhat different last names, according to Tinetti. On the papers, their moms’ names were also different.

Despite the fact that their documents said that they were unrelated, they all felt a deep bond.

Madison and Tinetti both felt like long-lost sisters, Madison said Good Morning America. However, she had doubts about the adoption because of discrepancies in the paperwork.

When Madison moved to Virginia Beach in 2015, the two kept in touch and spoke over social media on a regular basis. Madison couldn’t escape the sensation that she and Tinetti had something in common, and she was eager to learn more about her family history. For Christmas in 2018, her adoptive mother gave her a 23andMe DNA genetic testing kit, and she received her dream. Thanks to the discoveries, she was able to track down some distant relatives.

Help of a Friend

Tinetti’s childhood friend Molly Sapadin aided in uncovering the truth about the two employees’ friendship. Sapadin was born in the Dominican Republic in 1990 and was adopted shortly afterward. Sapadin and Tinetti’s adoptive moms were friends when the two girls were growing up in New Haven.

According to a DNA test, Madison is Sapadin’s third cousin, not his half-sister. She, on the other hand, was eager to discover more about her biological relatives. According to Good Morning America, Tinetti and Sapadin have the same mother on their adoption papers. They want to conduct more DNA testing to see if the lady is her biological mother.

Tinetti’s suspicions were validated when a DNA test confirmed the assumptions on January 28: they were long-lost sisters!

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