Preemie Twins Hug After Meeting Each Other for the First Time Since Birth

Ann Le met her children for the first time 27 days after they were born, and their sweet reactions will melt your heart!

Ann Le only wanted her twin girls to be healthy after they arrived 12 weeks early, so it was even more satisfying when they shared their first out-of-womb encounter on her breast.

Le discovered she was pregnant mono-chorionic mono-amniotic twins throughout her pregnancy. According to Very Well Family, the situation is known as “momo” twins and occurs when the babies share an amniotic sac and placenta.

Doctors warned Le and her husband Jason Poon that their pregnancy was extremely high-risk, so all they could hope for was for both of their daughters to survive.

Olivia and Zoe were born three months early in January and were immediately placed in separate incubators in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to help regulate their breathing. It took nearly a month for the girls to meet outside of the womb for the first time.

Le’s children lay side-by-side on her chest while presenting her preterm infants for the first time since their birth last week. However, she was taken aback when Zoe gently laid her arm across her sister’s back and cuddled against her.

“The girls eventually met 27 days after their birth. “Zoe jumped in for the embrace right away,” Le posted on Instagram, with a beautiful snapshot that will warm your heart.

“My heart simply instantaneously melted,” Le said of the priceless first-time meeting in an interview with Today. “I was so glad they could be reunited and had an established relationship after all the tough weeks of keeping them apart.”

“Olivia was the first to be placed on my chest, followed by Zoe, who extended out her left arm in preparation to hug her sister,” Le told the publication. “They just rested on my chest for a bit and cuddled close to one other. Everything was beautiful, we felt like a family for the first time.”

It wasn’t only the twins who formed a particular bond at that time, it was also Le’s first time having skin-to-skin contact with her daughters.

“Unfortunately, because they were so small, I lost out on instant skin to skin with them because they had to be rushed to urgent care for breathing support,” Le said on Instagram of the moments after the kids were delivered by C-section. “But I knew this going into surgery, and all I cared about was that they were alive and well!”

Despite the fact that the girls are just two months old, they are already learning that sisters can get on each other’s nerves.

“Sometimes the females can’t bear being in the same room with each other and end up like this!” Next to a photo of the children on opposite sides of their father’s chest, Le playfully commented on Instagram.

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