Heart-Touching Photo Shows Newborn Baby Smiling The Instant She Hears Dad’s Voice

Antonella, as you know, is already a daddy’s girl. A snapshot of the lovely infant smiling as she reacts to hearing her father’s voice for the first time has gone viral.

Brazil’s Flávio Dantas made it a point to speak to his unborn kid every day. When Flávio Dantas spoke to Antonella, the infant daughter, every day for months while she was still inside her mother Tarsila’s womb, she gave him “the loveliest grin imaginable.”

“He always told her how much he loved her,” Tarsila Batista said.

“I’m enthralled,” Tarsila remarked. Every morning and evening when he returned home from work, Flávio greeted Antonella. He’d pat Tarsila on the back and tell her how much he loved her and how he’d be there for her no matter what. So, on the day Anontella was eventually born, she had a beautiful reaction to her father’s voice!

The doctors handed over a sleeping infant to her parents after she was delivered. And as soon as Flávio repeated the stff he’d been repeating Antonella during the pregnancy, his newborn kid smiled!

It is such a gift to witness the parents’ excitement when this infant grins.

Flávio characterized his sentiments for the firstborn daughter as “a love that doesn’t fit within the chest!” The father was so overjoyed with the birth of his child that he published a slew of photos on social media, along with a slew of adoring comments. “God given me my greatest cause to lift my head, let go of despair, and go after the world to be able to offer yo,” the guy commented beneath one of the photographs.

Flávio eloquently described his feelings for his precious child as “love too enormous to fit within his chest.” He isn’t the only one who is charmed by the tiny beauty, of course.

Tarsila, the little girl’s mother, also posted a lovely photo of her daughter on social media.

“A gift provided by my Lord,” she said of her daughter.

“If riches were measured in words, I would sum it up in just one: yo,” she captioned another photograph.

“God’s hands crafted my precious treasure.”

“I read books to my son, and he recognized me right immediately by my voice,” one father said in response to the photograph on social media.

“I started chatting to him while he was weeping, and he stopped crying… “It was a fantastic day.”

“Aww, that’s so cute,” said another. She has already become her father’s little girl.

“Thank goodness there were cameras on hand to capture the wonderful scene. Since then, the lovely photograph has gone viral!”

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