Teacher Wears The Same Hairstyle As Student Who Didn’t Believe She Liked Her Hair

When a kindergarten student “could not really believe” that her teacher loved her hair, Mrs. Bishop came to the school the next day wearing her student’s haircut to show her that she was lovable and loved.

Four-year-old August Burroughs is a kindergarten student at Sugar Land at Lakeview Elementary School. August’s teacher, Leigha Bishop, noticed that she was wearing her hair in a dollhouse one day at school and informed her that she liked it.

“August, like me, is constantly changing her style. And when she got out of the van on Monday, I would say, ‘August, your hair is so lovely,’ ”said Mrs. Bishop.

“The little girl couldn’t believe her teacher and left, saying,” Of course, Ms. Bishop …

Ms Bishop is aware of bullying in schools because of the appearance of a child, especially children of color, and makes every effort to commend her children daily to boost their self-esteem and build a positive image.

“When children are informed about their personalities rather than getting their points on a report card,” says Ms. Bishop, “they often want to be in school and want to benefit in all aspects of life.”

She went home that night and braided her hair in the same way as her student to show August that she really loves her hair.

“I returned home and started to fix my hair. Because my student’s hair was the same as mine, I thought, “What better way to show her how you made me feel better than the same braided braid?”

The next day, she arrived at school, and August, who was four years old at the time, was shocked and thrilled to see her.

Ms. Bishop posted next to her photo with August, “If your student is so beautiful, you MUST imitate her.”

Hundreds of thousands of people thought August was lovely and praised Ms. Bishop for making her student feel special.

“In cases like these, at least a little bit is enough, but more than that will leave a lasting impression. Ms Bishop commented, “I know a lot of people think education is about pencil and paper results and test results.” “But it is more than that for me. That is when children feel secure in the knowledge that their teachers are paying attention to them. ”

In the end, I am the teacher who views my children as individuals rather than just bodies in my class. Ms Bishop said, “I am a woman of color who wants to light up children of all races.”
Many grateful souls also expressed their gratitude by saying:

“The teacher, Ms. Bishop of Lakeview Elementary in Sugar Land, Texas, praised one of her students’ hair and said she liked it, but the little girl couldn’t believe it. The next day, the teacher came with her hair styled in the same manner as her student, which was great! ”- Janae, whose post gained over 130k likes.

“The love that shines in your eyes is returned to you”. Someone said, “You are beautiful and inspiring.”

“You are both the center of the universe. “I adore, I love, I love,” S. it said.

Someone added, “She’ll miss you for the rest of her life.”

“‘ Be the person you always wanted to be with when you were younger. ‘Mrs. Bishop, you have just been very influential and empowered a little soul. This little boy has a bright future ahead of him. “God bless you,” said L Paster.

Ms. Bishop, continue the great work of fostering love, acceptance, and self-respect for your children.

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