Dad Finds Goodbye Letter From 16 Year Old Daughter And Starts Bawling!

A father was looking for his teenage daughter, Anna, after watching his favorite team, the Patriots, lose a crucial game the night before. He was in a foul mood. He decided to get some ice cream to cheer himself up, and started looking for his daughter to see if she wanted to accompany him.

He walked into her room, but she was nowhere to be seen; the door was open, and the room was empty. She had left a message on her bed:

“Dear Mom and Dad,

The news is painful to hear, but I’m eloping with my new boyfriend, Muhammad.

I’ve finally found true love, and he’s amazing. His cute piercings, seductive scars, fascinating tattoos, and huge motorbike are my favorites!

And that’s not all: I am three months pregnant with Muhammad’s child. We are setting up camp in his trailer, and he said he would like to have more children. I’m overjoyed!!! What’s more: we’re getting married in a week!

I was also convinced by him that cannabis isn’t as bad as some people think, so we’re growing 17 plants behind our trailer. We’ll have plenty for him and his friends, and they’ll give us all the tablets we want in return.

Muhammad deserves an AIDS treatment soon – he really deserves it. Don’t worry about money; Muhammad’s friends Juan and Stanislav work in the film industry, and they have arranged for me to work as an actress!

The job pays well: $ 50 every time you take it, and an extra $ 50 if there are more than three men in this situation. So do not worry about me; I am 16 years old and can take care of myself.

You will see your granddaughter next time I visit!

xoxo, Anna

P.S. Father, none of this is true; I just went to Emma’s house to watch TV. There are worse things in life than the Patriots defeated by the Eagles!

“I’ll see you in a minute!”

That message will last a lifetime!

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