Little Kid Shames A Car Driver Who Threw A Plastic Bottle On The Pavement

Garbage disposal is not cool and toddlers get better hangings than adults. A 1-year-old Chinese boy saw a driver dash a car with a plastic bottle, and a small boy picked up a bottle that had been thrown on the road and the driver returned it to the car window to teach him an important lesson about hygiene. .

According to the mother, the boy may have thought the driver had dropped the bottle, and he returned it as his own help.

Web users have come out in large numbers to praise the child and urge adults to learn from it after the spread of the video of its action on the Chinese video system.

The toddler, whose name is Sun Jiarui, lives in the town of Jining in eastern China’s Shandong Province.

The event was filmed by Jiarui’s mother while the two were visiting their residence on Monday

The parent, whose name is Jing Lulu, has a habit of recording his son learns to walk every time they goes out. The 34-year-old woman recorded the incident by accident.

Jiarui is a polite and curious child and always respects adults, according to Ms.

‘That day, he probably thought the bottle had fallen into the car by accident. He is a very simple child. When he sees other people dropping things, he always helps to pick up, ”she said.

‘He’s only one year and three months old and probably doesn’t have a strong sense of environmental protection, but his action taught the driver a lesson,’ added Ms Jing.

Pictures of the boy’s behavior have become quite popular on the Douyin short video platform, with people cheering for the little boy.

Another commented: ‘Morality is not related to age.’

One observer wrote: ‘The baby is so cute and the driver should feel embarrassed. ‘

Jiarui’s mother said that after the boy returned the bottle, he ran back to her and the driver closed the window without saying anything.

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