Bride Asks Her Husband’s Permission To Hug Her Ex Boyfriend “One Final Time” During Wedding

The bride’s ex offers the congratulatory handshake, but she does not take it. Instead, she asks her groom if she can hug her former partner one final time.

A TikTok video appeared recently showing a moment at a wedding in Malaysia in which the bride asks her new husband for permission to hug her ex-boyfriend ‘one last time’ after saying the vows.

In the clip, the bride’s ex-boyfriend offers a congratulatory handshake to the newly-married couple who are wearing a floral dress. This was the bride’s TikTok username @mayangkumay’s short video.

Instead of taking his hand, this bride turns to her husband and asks if she can hug her former partner one more time. “Can I hug him one last time?” she said.

Surprisingly, he agreed. When his wife hugs the ex-boyfriend, he seems to show a feeling of hurt on his face. To his credit, he looks over to the groom, as if to verify that everything is okay.

The bride rubs her ex’s back, and they exchange a few words as the groom, watching awkwardly, watches on. After the embrace concludes, the ex turns to the groom for a handshake, and the groom unexpectedly gives her a hug.

It was revealed that the bride turned to hug a female guest approaching the bride’s side.

The moment went viral on TikTok, attracting more than 2 million views. Many netizens took issue with the bride’s gesture.

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