Little Boy Finds Out His Nanny’s Prom Was Cancelled, Decides to Give Her One

As a result of the pandemic, a seven-year-old boy from North Carolina was heartbroken to learn that his nanny, Rachel, was not going to be able to attend her prom. After finding out, he decided that he knew exactly what to do. He decided to give her a prom himself. The boy whose name is Curtis, planned the entire evening, including the favorite snack that would be served as an appetizer. He even used a pool noodle to keep Rachel at a distance. Curtis told ABC11 Eye Witness News he planned the visit because he knew Rachel would want to see him often. She’s one of the best people he knows, he said.

The DJ tracklist Curtis made included all of Rachel’s favorite songs, according to Curtis’ mom. She said he was very excited and wanted the whole night to be perfect. He even put on a suit and picked out a bowtie that matched Rachel’s prom dress. He wanted to impress her, so he did. Rachel said she had an amazing time at her prom. She felt a bit sad when putting her dress on, but once she saw the trouble Curtis went to, her sadness dissolved.

It turned out that it was the first time she had seen Curtis in two months, and she had missed him so much. This thoughtful little boy also missed Rachel. Rachel said it was a lot of fun and she appreciated it very much.

Most of all, Curtis was the perfect little gentleman, she said.

He waited outside with the pool noodle and led her to his backyard. All of her favorite foods were there, and he had clearly spent a lot of time preparing them.

Rachel’s mom posted a video of the two dancing on Twitter. View the video below.

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