At The Bus Stop, A Lady Thinks No One Is Watching, So She Boogies Down

Someone captured the most fun video ever back in 2013. Eastleigh, an English town, was chilly in April. While Ellie Cole waited for her bus, she was 35 years old. The woman thought no one was watching, and decided to dance. She might have been trying to warm up or just feeling the beat, but whoever it was, someone was filming her and it changed everything for her. The woman had no idea that she was being recorded and had no idea that the video would be uploaded to the internet and viewed by millions of people.

If you’re going to dance publicly, you may as well dance like no one is watching, and that’s exactly what Ellie did. Her little dance at the bus stop resulted in some unique opportunities for her. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, she explained that she is just a “normal” person who loves to dance at bus stops. Still, she can hardly believe what happened to the video. The woman who filmed the viral video was Jane Rowland, who was sitting across the street at a cafe at the time. In her video, Jane cleverly added ABBA’s hit song “Dancing Queen”.

The video ended up receiving millions of views on YouTube, and she had to deal with copyright issues, so she took it down and uploaded it again, probably without the music. Ellie, however, was actually listening to “Knock Down” by Alesha Dixon. Sure enough, she got up and danced like there was no tomorrow. She says she still wears her earbuds every day, and yes, she still dances whenever she can. Rowland said that watching the video always cheered her and her friends up.

The two women met and even appeared together on The Today Show. Watch the video below.

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