Mum Has Her Face Painted To Match Her Son’s Birthmark So She Can See What Life Is Like For Him

Mother paints her face to match her son’s birthmark so she can see what life is like for him.

Her son’s birthmark was painted on her face as a tribute to him – to allow her to walk in his shoes for the day.

Enzo Cestari, who is one, was born with a dark birthmark that covers his forehead and stretches down one side of his nose.

Carolina Giraldelli, 26, vowed to never hide her son’s unique mark and to make sure he knew he was perfect just the way he was.

The businesswoman asked a professional makeup artist to perfectly replicate her son’s birthmark on her own face to celebrate his uniqueness.

It was an emotional experience for Carolina to have Enzo’s birthmark on her face – and he was overjoyed too.

Enzo was born in May 2017 through a C-section after a scan revealed his umbilical cord was twice wrapped around his neck.

The doctors were shocked to see the large birthmark on the baby’s face, but Carolina was simply grateful that he was healthy.

‘I decided that from then on I would change into a much stronger, fearless, brave person, ready to face any obstacles that would now be in the way of my son,’ said Carolina of Cáceres, Brazil.

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