Twin Sisters Who Married Twin Brothers, Gave Birth To Cute Babies At The Same Time

The adorable twin babies of a couple of identical twin sisters who married identical twin brothers gave birth at the same time.

The world was shocked when twin sisters married twin brothers in 2018. They continued to amaze the online community when both couples announced they were pregnant. What are the chances of both of them getting pregnant at the same time. That was the common question at the time. Online communities and journalists have once again shown much interest in newborn photos posted by parents on Instagram.

Source: Instagram salyerstwins

Brittany Deane and Briana Deane, both 33, were pregnant at the same time with their partners Josh and Jeremy Salyers, 35. Their children were born at the same time. The foursome met at a twin festival in 2017 and six months later, the Salyers twin proposed after a whirlwind romance. The couple married on August 5, 2018, lived in the same house in Virginia, USA, and are now starting a family together.

Source: Instagram salyerstwins

The couple announced their pregnancy on their Instagram page in August, writing: “Guess what!!?” We are both pregnant! The post continued: “We are thrilled to have overlapping pregnancies and to share this news with all of you!

“Our children will not just be cousins, but full genetic siblings and quaternary multiples! We can’t wait to meet them and for them to meet each other.””

Now Briana and Jeremy have a son called Jax (Source: Instagram salyerstwins)
Brittany and Josh have a son called Jett  (Source: Instagram salyerstwins)

Brittany and Josh have a son named Jett, and Briana and Jeremy have a son named Jax. Jeremy posted a picture of Jax to Instagram and wrote: “I’m so proud of my beautiful wife, Briana, and how well she did.”. “She was strong and brave and did an amazing job. I am grateful that our boys will grow up together!”””

Josh wrote: “Brittany did wonderfully in giving birth.”. I am so proud of them and excited to be Jett’s father! One thing is certain: Our babies will be surrounded by the love of four parents! “”” parents! Parents! “This is something special.

Source: Instagram salyerstwins

In our relationship, we have experienced most milestones of our lives together: birthdays, getting your driver’s license, graduations, and our double wedding. This is the next big event, and we’d love to experience it together, and hopefully we will.

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