Husband Agrees To Let His Wife Marry Her Mistress And Even Arranges Their Wedding

Even though this man arranged the wedding, he still shocked his relatives and the rest of his country when he agreed to let his wife marry her lover after only five months of marriage.

Pankaj Sharma, an accountant at a private firm in Gurugram, Uttar Pradesh, married his wife Komal in May of this year through an arranged marriage. Arranged marriages are fairly common in India. Despite their five-month marriage, the two had yet to consummate their union. On top of that, Komal didn’t speak to anyone.

Pankaj said, “She did not consummate the marriage nor did she talk to anyone.”. “I want to marry Pintu,” she confided after being coaxed.

As soon as Pankaj Sharma heard his wife’s confession, instead of being angry with her, he informed his in-laws about the situation.

They failed to convince her to forget her old fling and the matter was brought to the Anti-Domestic Violence Cell and Asha Jyoti Centre.

A meeting was arranged between Pankaj, Komal, their families and her lover. The Indian media reported that his wife could not be convinced to accept the arranged marriage. Therefore, Pankaj agreed to let her marry Pintu instead. He even helped the couple plan their wedding and hired a lawyer to make their union official.

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