Hero Great-Great-Grandmother Bakes Hundreds Of Pies To Feed Hungry Kids

When it comes to helping others and doing something kind for others, all it takes is a kind heart. This kind-hearted 89-year-old woman shows that even your age doesn’t matter if you are willing to help others.

Flo Osborne from the UK has been making pies for hungry schoolkids since the lockdown began and has fed hundreds of children so far.

A great-great-grandmother bakes hundreds of pies so that British schoolchildren won’t go hungry this half-term. In Essex, England, Flo Osborne, 89, has been making pies throughout the lockdown period. To do so, the woman wakes up at 4:30 in the morning and makes as many as 20 pies in one day.

Flo says that she loves helping people, so she is supporting Marcus Rashford’s campaign to end child food poverty in the United Kingdom.

As Flo said, “I saw it on the news and it was nice.” I have been baking pies to help vulnerable people during lockdown, and I have loved it. It keeps me going and gives me something to do.

But I thought, I’d love to help the little ones, too. I even thought about baking little pies for them.

Many people think I’m crazy, but I just tell them that I love to help other people. If I can help them, I will.”

“People always ask me for my recipe, or ask me what my secret is. But there is no secret; it just comes naturally.

“I just mix the pastry up the way I want it. I know how it should feel, so I go with that.”

Gran’s most famous dish is cherry pie, but she also bakes savory dishes like steak.

She has always been an inspiration to me,” said Graham Osborne, 58, speaking about his mother’s kindness. She’s a great person and she’s done so well for herself.

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