Italian Man Warns To Call Police On His American Fiancé For Snapping The Raw Spaghetti In Half

Sarah love to tease her Italian husband-to-be by doing un-Italian things and then posting his reaction on her TikTok. Her video of snapping raw spaghetti in half while her fiance looks shocked in the background went viral recently. He called it shit pasta and was shocked to say the least. As it’s illegal in Italy, he wanted to call the police on Sarah.

The American girl loves to tease her Italian boyfriend by doing all the un-Italian things

Sarah enjoys sharing her Italian fiancé’s reactions every time she deliberately does something that is very un-Italian.

The hilarious videos show Sarah asking for cappuccinos after lunch and pineapples on her pizza, which are enough to annoy her fiancé.

The reaction of this Italian guy whenever his girlfriend does something un-Italian is hilarious

One particular video has been making the rounds online, in which Sarah is seen snapping raw spaghetti in half so that it will fit in the pan. The video showed her fiancé Carlo walking into the kitchen and then noticing Sarah’s actions. Carlo couldn’t believe she snapped the spaghetti and called it “sh*t pasta”.

To Sarah’s amusement, poor Carlo was seen grinding his teeth as he insisted that it’s no longer spaghetti if it’s broken in half. The poor guy even called it illegal in Italy to snap the spaghetti in half. 

did someone say… DRAMA??? 🤣

♬ original sound – Carlo and Sarah

It has received seven million views and thousands of comments. Everyone seemed to be enjoying Carlo’s reaction to Sarah’s behavior.

One person commented, ‘That was the sound of his heart breaking, not the spaghetti.’

Someone even joked that Sarah must be now the most wanted person in Italy.

Someone else wrote, ‘Omg why would you do this to the poor man. I’m not even Italian and I’m hurt too.’

In another video, she tells Carlo she’s going to make spaghetti carbonara for his family, then begins listing the ingredients she needs. Sarah mentioned hot dogs, and Carlo couldn’t believe his wife was going to eat American food with Italian pasta.


Carlos only rule: only eat cappuccino for breakfast♬ original sound – Carlo and Sarah

Carlo told her that it was illegal and he might even call the police on her.

Sarah then ordered hamburgers, and Carlo looked sad. Carlo should take responsibility for cooking in the future, it’s better this way.

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