A Boy Was Picked As His School’s Homecoming Queen For The First Time Ever

A student at a Missouri high school became the first male student to be crowned homecoming queen during the school’s homecoming game. Zachary Willmore from Rock Bridge High School in Columbia has previously called for a change in the school’s dress code via his Tik Tok platform. Columbia Public Schools spokesperson Michelle Baumstark told KOMU 8, “Zachary Willmore is a wonderful student. He’s engaged in school, active in activities, including cheer, and is not afraid to ask questions and identify challenges he sees around him.” Baumstark confirmed that Willmore “has challenged the dress code over his time at Rock Bridge and is working with the school to develop a more up-to-date dress code.”

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In his TikTok video, Wilmore, who is also a cheerleader on Rock Bridge’s varsity team, wore a gold gown and homecoming sash as he walked on the field in front of the crowded bleachers. In the video, Willmore is heard saying, “We’re having a blast.” among a group of female students. “It’s scary as hell!” Willmore asked his followers on Instagram whether he should run for Homecoming King or Queen. “They thought queen would look prettier on the sash,” he added. “You’re so right.” So I chose queen. Everyone cheered when she won the title. “It was literally like a dream” Wilmore told KOMU 8 news outlet. For me, it was just a special moment.

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With over one million followers on TikTok, the student is using his platform to create change. He decided to stand up for himself because several of his outfits caused him to feel “targeted” at school. “Teachers were allowed to decide what was appropriate,” Willmore said. “Many times I did feel like they could target students, and I did feel targeted in some scenarios.” Right now the dress code that is in the student handbook at Rock Bridge High School states: The RBHS dress code is currently undergoing a revision for the 2021-2022 school year to be more inclusive of all students. Dress and grooming are considered matters of individual taste. It is the student’s and parent’s duty to dress appropriately for school. The RBHS administration reserves the right to limit specific clothing that is disruptive, distracting, unsafe, or out of place. Students have been gathered to work on the dress code revisions with administration, Baumstark said. “Rock Bridge hopes to have a revised dress code by the end of the school year and before Zachary graduates.”

On Zachary’s special day, he couldn’t be happier. “My grandparents were there that day, and I hadn’t come out to them formally yet. I was really nervous about it,” Willmore said. I saw them in the crowd, and they were crying, which made me really happy when they called my name.” He added, “It showed that people did care about me,” Willmore said. It was the final step for me to become like ‘people like me.’ I feel happy.

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