‘I’m not inviting my youngest daughter to my wedding, my fiancée doesn’t like her’

I am not inviting my youngest daughter to my wedding, my fiancée doesn’t like her.

Making the guest list can be extremely stressful when planning a wedding.

Usually, there is no justification for not allowing children to attend.

The father of a nine-year-old daughter said he did not plan on inviting her to his 18-year-old sister’s wedding because she was not as stylish as her.

On Reddit, the 46-year-old groom asked for his opinion about whether or not he was a bad guy for just inviting his 18-year-old girlfriend.

The response makes it clear that he will – especially since his nine-year-old is so eager to attend

“My fiancee is very sophisticated and has exquisite tastes,” he wrote.

“She also does not really like young children, so that has caused tension between her and my youngest daughter.”

Covid delayed the couple’s wedding, but now they’re planning a “lavish and expensive” ceremony.

The man continued: “Our wedding will not include children due to the nature of our wedding and my fiancee’s preferences.

We will, however, invite my oldest child as she is no longer a child, and she and my fiancee get along well.

Naturally, this exclusion hasn’t gone down well with his youngest daughter, whose mum left her when she was six years old.

“I didn’t realize my youngest would come to the wedding,” the dad admitted.

She tried to tag along with my fiancee and my oldest when they were shopping for a dress for my oldest as she thought she needed one, too.

“I told her that the wedding would be for adults only, and she wouldn’t be attending. When she started crying and getting mad, my fiance got stressed out.

It has been bothering her for days and she hasn’t let go of it.”

Parents have become involved – and told their son they won’t attend if their granddaughter isn’t there, since they will be spending the day with her.

The man still refuses to agree because a child isn’t suitable for the wedding.

My fiancée shouldn’t have to deal with my daughter on the most important day of her life, he said.

“My parents told me I was a terrible dad for prioritizing my fiancée over my daughter, and that on the day of the wedding they would take my daughter out to celebrate, so that they wouldn’t be there.”

People urged the man to reconsider the marriage on Reddit.

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