Best Man Asked To Leave The Wedding After Risky Joke Fails Terribly

This was a rather shameful incident where the best man, instead of making the wedding speech funny and fun, turned it into a bitter experience for one bridesmaid, who was told to leave in the middle of the wedding. In fact, his failed attempt at humor is a lesson for people out there to come prepared to weddings with their best man speeches rather than relying solely on their sense of humor which in most cases isn’t that funny.

It is supposed to be a fun day for all the guests, but it is a very stressful day for the bride and groom. 

Consider the best man, who has to prepare a speech that is supposed to be funny, loving, and also heartwarming.

A nerve-wracking experience, but imagine if the best man gives a bad speech and the wedding goes awry. It would be terrible.  

The sorry tale was shared on Reddit, with the groom’s best friend making a joke that backfired disastrously.

According to the post, the best man took a lot of time preparing his speech and even admitted he had a hard time thinking of anything to say about the bridesmaids since he didn’t know them.

As a result, he decided to just wing it for the speech, and after feeling that he nailed it, he concluded the speech:

“Bridesmaids, I am a bit short on time here and I do not really know you so I’d just like to say that five of you look stunning today.

The best man thought he passed the situation with flying colors and did a great job at it, so he waited for his round of applause. Instead, the reaction was the exact opposite.

What happened was this:

“I knew I had really screwed up when the room went dark.

One of them started crying and I didn’t actually mean any of them, everything was just nonsense. When I apologized, I realised that she isn’t actually that good looking and was significantly less beautiful than the rest of the bridesmaids.

“The bride said to me, ‘I think it’s best that you leave.’ The groom just nodded behind her.”

In response to his tasteless joke, the wedding guest immediately logged onto Facebook to leave a heartfelt apology. 

But his actions were not forgiven so easily, and so he received a curt response from the bride’s grandmother.

The Internet responded to the post with stories of their own.

One person said: “I feel this one as a wedding photographer. I have seen some terrible best man speeches, but if I had heard this speech, it would have been in my top two or three worst.

“That’s quite an accomplishment!”

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