Dad Sold Car To Pay For School, 21 Yrs Later Daughter Goes Behind His Back To Track It Down

Higher education can be a long and twisty road at times. Many people need to take educational breaks to finish their degrees. People may have to give up some of their most treasured possessions to reach their goals.

Randy Martin of Daleville, Virginia, knows all too well the lesson.

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In 1993, Randy felt called to the seminary and holy life. Randy had to sell his beloved 1936 Ford Sedan to pay for his studies. Randy and his vintage Ford had been on many excursions together. Randy purchased the car when he was 16 years old and restored it to its original state. Ford’s stunning white paint job earned it many first-place awards at local vehicle exhibitions.

Randy was heartbroken to have to part with his beloved Ford, but he believed it was God’s plan. Randy Hamren’s daughter Stephanie will never forget her father’s agony when he gave up their first child. Randy never stopped thinking about the car, telling family members that he wished to find it again despite being separated from it. Stephanie set up a GoFundMe campaign for the purpose of assisting with the cost of repurchasing her father’s vehicle.

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After a long search, Stephanie and her family found the automobile in 2014 in New Orleans, halfway across the country. They planned to surprise their father by secretly purchasing it and moving it to their home state. Randy wept when he saw his old friend, who thanked God for having such a wonderful family as they videotaped the unexpected disclosure.

Those who have left houses, brothers or sisters, parents or mothers, wives or children or farms for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life, Matthew 19:29 declares. As Stephanie handed her father the keys, he noticed Matthew 19:29 engraved on the chain.

Randy and Stephanie have been restoring the Ford themselves since the announcement. Following Stephanie’s mother’s illness, much of the family’s money is being spent on medical expenses while the car is being restored. Car enthusiasts have once again shown their generosity to the family, donating nearly $3000 to assist with repairs.

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