Single mom transforms shipping container into loving home to live with her daughter for just $4000

For just $4000, single mom converts shipping container into a loving home for her daughter

The single mom who was strapped for cash did everything in her power to provide a loving home for herself and her daughter – and we are so impressed!

Anyone who has grown up on a tight budget understands the importance of making something out of nothing.

She turned a 160 square foot shipping container, which was used to transport items to and from China, into a living space for her and her daughter for just $4000! That’s amazing.

She was determined to make a better future for herself and her daughter.

Lulu, an Argentine single mom, has an incredible knack for making the most of what she has, and repurposed an old shipping container into a simple home. Currently, Lulu lives with her daughter in what is essentially a mobile home, along with a few other structures she built herself. Lulu is making her way in the world with her bare hands, just as pioneers did centuries ago. She doesn’t need a handout, but has found an unconventional but affordable housing alternative that frees up her income to pursue education. There is a small space, but it includes everything they need, including beds, bathrooms, and a basic kitchen, and it only costs $4,000 including the trailer.

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