Woman Posts Video Of Baby Cam When An Unexpected Visitor Shows Up At 12 AM

It seems as if parenting is one area where people will voice their opinions most loudly. A mother posted a video from her daughter’s room that revealed that fact.

She must have been alerted to movement in the room at 12 AM. The baby, who was sleeping soundly in her crib, had an u.n.expected visitor.

Sonja Overman posted the video on TikTok and it has been viewed by more than 7 million people. Many people have also commented, many of whom have expressed very strong opinions.

In the monitor footage, you will see that the baby was sleeping soundly when a strange figure appeared alongside it.

The kitten had come to visit the family. Grace was sleeping peacefully in her crib when the cat slipped between the bars. That cat, Pepper, was there to say hello.

The little girl awoke and grabbed the cat at that moment. Pepper looked for a way to escape.

People were saying it was the cutest thing they had ever seen after it was posted online, but others were complaining.

There was a belief that the baby was in d.a.n.g.e.r because of the cats’ tendency to cover their faces. Children were not good with cats, so the kitten was at r.i.s.k, according to others.

Some may have been shocked at the number of negative comments about the safety of the cat or the baby, but there may have been some legitimate concerns about the blanket.

In any case, when you post something on social media, you are bound to receive feedback.

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