Stay-At-Home Mom Records Huge Daily Workload After Her BF Accuses Her Having ‘So Much Free Time’

Most working men and women fail to understand how hard stay-at-home moms work, which leads to a bad reputation in society. According to a survey conducted in 2020, stay-at-home moms are working the equivalent of 2.5 full-time jobs while caring for just one child. It was found that moms worked an average of 14 hours per day, for a total of 98 hours per week!

Her boyfriend teased her recently about having too much “free time,” implying that raising children at home is like going to the beach rather than going to work.

As a stay-at-home mother she soon discovered how hard it is to maintain a household.

TikTok user @sierra_not_ciara is a mother of two who posted a video that quickly went viral. In the video, she proves to her misunderstanding BF that she works harder than he does!

Her video shows how much work she accomplishes each and every day while her boyfriend is away at work.

In the video, she claims that her boyfriend thinks she does “nothing” all day while he earns money.

In order to show him how much work she has to do every day, she decided to make a little video.

Her first step is to prepare a meal for her daughter.

She watches her little girl while washing dishes while she feeds her.

Any parent knows how difficult mealtime is with children, so she’s always juggling a lot.

Many moms can relate to what she has to deal with as it can be extremely stressful to pull it all together.

Her mom also mentions that bathing and washing her daughter’s hair is a constant “battle.” However, not as much as dressing her afterward.

Her daughter is very picky about clothes, so getting her suited up takes a lot of time.

However, she manages to dress her and even plays with her afterward.

She then changes her son’s dirty diaper and bathes him. As you can imagine, he doesn’t care much for bath time, which makes mom’s job even harder.

She puts her son in the baby swing or on the playmat after bath time to free her hands to do the laundry.

However, both of her children begin to demand her attention, so she stops what she’s doing.

She puts her daughter to bed, feeds and cleans her son, then cleans the rest of their dining room.

As she cleans up her daughter’s dinner mess, she is also getting her son ready for bed.

The problem, as with many babies, is that her son constantly interrupts her cleaning efforts and demands lots of attention.

When mom finally gets to eat some dinner herself, she has to stand up while holding her son.

She realizes after eating a little supper that her son had a minor accident. She must change once again and bathe him.

As she closes the video, she says she will ask her boyfriend what he wants for dinner after she has finished all this.

Today was different, however.

Instead of texting him to inquire about his meal request, she decided to make herself a nice drink since it had been one of those days!

She describes the video as a message to men who don’t appreciate all the hard work stay-at-home moms do for their families.

She continues cleaning after she puts her son to bed.

After she fed her son his last bottle, she got right back to cleaning the house.

After being hit by the hurricane of her two children, she swept and mopped the floor and cleaned the rest of the house.

The kitchen is also being cleaned by her.

After finishing the floors in the kitchen, she moves on to the living room area.

Even just watching her evening is exhausting! How do so many moms do it?

Watch this mom’s video below.


I just want to feel appreciated… 😞 so many things I didn’t even record. Tik tok I am 22 stop taking this down for drinking .

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