Grandma Who Thought She Was Receiving Flowers Ends Up Holding Her Grandson For The First Time

Seeing a grandchild for the first time is an experience no grandparent will ever forget. When a grandma meets her grandson she feels joy and excitement, and that’s exactly what she felt when she met her grandson.

The child’s father decided to introduce his baby on grandma’s birthday in order to make it extra special. Grandma had no idea anything was going on.

She is blind, so her son was able to pretend that he was bringing her flowers for her birthday. But what he really wanted for her was her precious grandchild!

Once grandma realized what she had in her arms, she immediately began to cry. Her love for the baby was instant. The baby boy had already captured a huge part of her heart even though they had just met!

See their unforgettable meeting in the video below.

Here’s another story about grandparents you wouldn’t want to miss.

95-year-old Mary Pine lives in an assisted living facility. Her brother, Bob Taylor, 84, and she haven’t seen each other in five years because of the pandemic. Nevertheless, they call each other every day.

Mary surprised Bob at his home in Atlanta, Georgia, when they last saw each other.

Bob decided to surprise Mary on her birthday last year on July 4. Morgan Taylor and Kenzie Hardin, his granddaughters, helped plan the trip to Mary’s care facility in Ambler, Pennsylvania.

Since Kenzie lived in Florida, they couldn’t fly together. Instead, she traveled to Atlanta, and they made the 13-hour drive to Pennsylvania, stopping only for gas and bathroom breaks.

The staff at Mary’s assisted living facility prepared for the surprise on July 4. They called her into a room where her family members were waiting. Of course, she had no idea they were there.

They wished her a happy birthday once she was inside. Mary’s jaw dropped upon seeing Bob emerge, and she began to cry. Mary continued to sob on Bob’s shoulder as the two shared a long embrace.

It was the greatest gift Mary ever received.

“I’m so glad my family pulled this amazing surprise off together,” she said. “It was great to see everyone.”

See the siblings’ emotional reunion in the video below.

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