She walks 22 km (14 miles) every day to get to work: two customers give her a new car

Today, a very simple act of generosity or kindness towards another person can make a world of difference in a world filled with selfishness, indifference and a lack of empathy. In this moving story from the United States of America, we see the effects of unexpected acts of kindness.

Adrianna Edwards is the main character in this story, who walks 22.5 kilometers (13.7 miles) every day to reach her workplace…

Adrianna Edwards lives in Galveston, Texas. She walked 22.5 kilometers every day to get to Denny’s on foot – a considerable distance but one that had to be made since she worked there as a waitress. She needed the job to pay her bills and afford to go to college.

Adrianna Edwards walks over four hours to and from work almost every day. Edwards told CNN affiliate KTRK, “I have bills to pay.”. “I have to eat.”. “You gotta do what you gotta do.”

Adrianna could have spent the money she saved on finishing her studies, as well as buying a new or used car to travel more easily from home to work and vice versa.

However, her walking days are over.

Just hours after meeting at the restaurant on Tuesday, a couple bought her a new car.
Edwards can now start college earlier than she expected.

They were eating breakfast at Denny’s when they learned that Edwards walked 14 miles just to get to her job and back home.

The waitress, who was saving up for a car to free herself from the long trek, gave the woman an extra scoop of ice cream. However, what she got back was even sweeter.

After finishing their meal, the Texas couple left the restaurant and returned with a 2011 Nissan Sentra that they gave to Edwards. With this car, a five-hour walk can be reduced to 30 minutes.

The woman who bought Edwards the car told KTRK that Edwards teared up when she heard that.

Edwards needed to simply pay forward the good deed in return for the car. She intends to do just that.

“It still feels like I’m dreaming. Every two hours, I look out my window to see if the car is still there. “If I see somebody in need, I’ll probably do everything I can to help them out,” Edwards said.

Lastly, the girl would have more time for herself and her education.

Despite wanting to remain anonymous, this very generous couple has certainly made a difference in the life of a student who was struggling to build a better future for herself. It is truly a remarkable act of generosity!

Adrianna, best of luck in everything you do!

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